Shipping Policy

Shipping is calculated at checkout, and is based on weight, distance traveled,and the size of the packaging that is used to ship your items safely. Items ordered online will be shipped within 10 business days. If an item arrives damaged, please send pictures within 48 hours of receiving the broken item, and I will either refund you, or send you a new item. Shipping charges still apply.

If you choose the ‘pick-up’ option at checkout, please note that you will have to arrange a time with me to pick your wares up from my North Hero studio. That’s near Canada. It’s probably far from you. If not, or if you’re willing to make the drive, heck yeah, use the pick-up option and save some moolah!

Do you have a showroom?

No! Wishful thinking though. Currently Doghouse Pottery does not have a showroom. Your best bet is to reach out to me at Amanda@DoghousePotteryVT.com to arrange a time to swing by the home studio. This applies mostly to those who have placed, or are placing custom orders. For Wholesale inquiries, I will arrange a time to bring samples by the store.

How do I order wholesale?

Grrreat question! With wholesale inquiries, please reach out to me at Amanda@DoghousePotteryVT.com. I will do my best to respond within two days. If you know which items you are interested in stocking, please send pictures or a list, and I will provide you with wholesale pricing for the requested items. Wholesale processing time depends entirely on customization, size of the order, etc.

Wow! Handmade pottery is so expensive! Is the price negotiable?

Not a chance, bucko! Investing in handmade items is no joke, and if you’re not quite ready, that’s okay. Reach out to me if you want to talk about why pottery costs what it does, I’d be happy to provide a transparent answer and start a dialogue!

How much do you love Huck?

So much. Thank you for asking.