June Updates

Wow, summer is finally upon us! I live in the northeast, and this year I truly was not sure whether we'd finally get this amazing Vermont weather that I covet all year long. 

With the changing of the seasons, I always find that my motivation levels fluctuate. This year, in particular, has been especially difficult. I have been without a studio for the last month or so. That doesn't mean that the orders stopped coming in! Over the last 6 months this business has grown far beyond my expectations. I did not make any projections for the year, though had I done that i'm sure my current demand would far exceed anything I could have ever projected. 

Thank you to those of you who have kept me truly busy. The volume of orders, both wholesale and custom, that I have been receiving have been a wonderful test of my warewithall. I decided a couple of months ago that growing this business in rented space (aka my apartment) was no longer realistic. Next week I will be closing on my first home, which will be the new headquarters for Doghouse Pottery. 

With a more permanent space in which to make, I will be able to set goals for the business, catch up on orders that have been in process since April, and begin to keep my website stocked *hopefully* at all times. 

Side note: if you are interested in seeing more of my day to day updates, check out my instagram (below). 

Since my goal is to keep the website stocked more frequently, I'm trying to identify which items should be staples in the shop. My hope is that this next website update (happening tomorrow, 6/14) will give me some idea of what I should keep in constant production. 

As always, your feedback helps me make these decisions. While I will always make what I feel called to make, I want to be sure that I am also creating things that YOU, my customers, want to purchase. 

Tomorrow's update will feature a lot of new work that I created far, far away from my comfort zone. New materials were added to my toolkit, and some crazy ideas came to fruition. I'm so excited to share these pieces with you! 

All the best, 

Amanda & Huck 


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