Doghouse Pottery is the creative brainchild of Amanda Schwartz. Amanda lived in Burlington for the first 23 years of her life before venturing to the beautiful island of North Hero, where she and Doghouse Pottery have taken root. Amanda enjoys creating in almost any medium, though working in clay is her real passion.

Amanda discovered ceramics 4 years ago after taking 2 lessons with a local Burlington potter. Shortly thereafter, she began acquiring equipment and tools and creating in the basement of her Burlington apartment. Now, Amanda enjoys her fully equipped home studio and steadily produces new work to share with the world.

Currently, Doghouse Pottery is exploring the versatility of raw, un-glazed clay bodies. Recent works explore mixing clays to create surface designs that depict landscapes reminiscent of desert atmospheres and otherwordly planets. These works are glazed simply, often only where food will interact with the piece.

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